Cambridge International College: 

  • CIC is accredited by the EALP to ensure its adherence to good practice, quality and professional standards, and to promote learning wherever and however it occurs through the provision of quality course content, materials and management. The EALP is a not-for-profit organisation formed to provide evaluation and accreditation services for professional institutions. EALP is registered under the authority of the Government body and in accordance with the ACCEPT principle.
  • Institute of Leadership & Management - a body for the development of leadership and management capability and knowledge * CIC is designated an Approved Provider of study and educational programmes by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM). ILM is an independent charitable organisation and is Britain’s largest body for management, industry-leading qualifications and specialist members. * ILM aims to improve standards of leadership and management in order to drive social and economic prosperity. ILM works with organisations to develop the leadership and management capability needed for success. ILM endorses and accredits leadership and management programmes, qualifications, services, and quality training providers. ILM’s aim is for learning to enable managers to apply their enhanced knowledge and skills at work to bring tangible benefits to their employers.
  • CIC is an approved Full Member of British Institute for Learning and Development , formed under the guidance of the British Department for Education & Skills (Ministry of Education). British Institute for Learning and Development is recognised as a major force for quality, development and use of good practice in its field. British Institute for Learning and Development and its members are committed to innovation, excellence, best practice, professional performance, credibility, development and expertise in learning.
  • CIC is listed on the UKRLP (UK Register of Learning Providers) as a verified UK learning provider. As a UKRLP provider, CIC has been verified and allocated a UK Provider Reference Number. The UKRLP is a Managing Information Across Partners project led by the Department for Education and Skills allowing the sharing of information between Government Departments and learning providers.