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Diploma in Teaching English To Speakers Of Other Languages


Teaching English To Speakers Of Other Languages (TESOL) 

The Diploma in Teaching English To Speakers Of Other Languages (TESOL) is specifically designed for those who are interested in teaching English as a second or foreign language. With the Diploma in TESOL, you can prepare for your career in teaching English as a second language* and will be qualified to participate in many teaching career opportunities. The specialist Diploma in TESOL is internationally recognized by the UK. 

If your BA Degree (or Higher qualification) is NOT in an education-related field and you are looking to Teach English in China, You Must get a minimum of an online TEFL 60 hours course to receive a working visa in China. Moreover, if you're looking to work in Shanghai, Shenzhen or other countries later on you must complete a minimum of 120 Hour TEFL or TESOL.

It does not matter if the course is in-person or online to get a working visa and we send the certificate immediately via e-mail after graduation. The e-mail version is suitable to be sent directly to your employer to process the working visa. The original is sent to our office and forwarded to you at a later date.

Entrance Requirements:

1. 18 Years of age or above
2. Certificate in TEFL / At least 2 years teaching experience or;
3. BA Degree holder

Link: http://www.universalbusinessacademy.com/placement_test

(Kindly refer to the link for entry test as for evaluation. To enrol in this program, you should at the advanced level in our ESOL test and pass in our TESOL test)

English proficiency:

fluent in both oral and written English.
GCE ‘O’ Levels with a B in English or equivalent. For foreign students, a high school qualification and an IELTS score of 6.5 is required



Duration and structure


Full-Time = 3 months (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
Part Time = 5 months (Sat & Sun)
Online/self study = 2 - 6 months
Course Content
The course contains four modules. The course is complete in itself and you do not need to buy any other materials. However, many students, particularly if they are trying for high grades, chose to undertake a certain amount of further reading from the suggested book list.
You will need approximately 45 hours to complete each module including the assignments. Each module has two assignments that you must complete and send to your tutor by e-mail or post. Your tutor will mark and grade your work. The modules also have self-correcting exercises along with the answer key and accompanying notes to help you see your own progress on the course.
You can e-mail or write to your personal tutor as often as you need to. Your tutor will do his or her best to reply to you the same or following day. If your assignment needs to be improved your tutor will make helpful suggestions. You can submit each assignment up to three times without further payment. If after the third attempt your work is still below a passing grade of C additional charges will be made to cover the additional administrative cost of marking your work. The course includes reading, setting tasks, self-correcting exercises and written assignments.

Module 1
Introduction to Language Teaching
 1. Types of language
 2. Uses of language
 3. Language acquisition
 4. Language teaching methodology


Module 2
Teaching Techniques and Aids
 1. Teaching speaking skills
 2. Teaching listening skills
 3. Teaching pronunciation
 4. Using role plays and drama
 5. Teaching writing skills teaching reading skills
 6. Teaching spelling
 7. Transitioning guided to free writing
 8. Using books and readers
 9. Integrated teaching techniques
Module 3
Lesson planning and syllabus creation
 1. Building a lesson plan
 2. Creating a syllabus
 3. Evaluating textbooks
 4. Interaction in the classroom
 5. Teacher roles and evaluation
Module 4
ESL and Linguistics
 1. Introduction to phonetics
 2. Parts of speech and morphology
 3. Phrases and vocabulary
 4. Grammar
5. Applications of linguistics in the classroom


  • One written assignment from each section of the main textbook (for a total of six written tasks); each should be a minimum of 1000 words, with evidence of further reading for a possible grade of A or better (as per LTTC criteria) 

  • Six lesson plans selected from the choices in module 3B assignment; each lesson plan should include handouts and activities, and the submission should be a minimum of 1000 words 

  • Submission of the final exam (open book) from module 4B 

  • Teaching practicum: 20 to 30 minutes lesson to be conducted at the end of the course 

Course Outcome

By course completion, students will:

  • understand how language is acquired
  • understand what constitutes errors in a language
  • know the principles on which modern language teaching is based
  • understand what phonetic and phonology are
  • know which methodologies can be used to teach English
  • know how to use materials and aids to teach English in the class
  • know how to organise the class
  • know how to design lesson plans

Examination Details

  • Open book unit 4 content 
  • Weighting 12% 

Awards Criteria

  • Minimum score of a pass is "C" 


The college will contact the student personally when the results are returned by LTTC. This will be within 3 months of the transcripts being sent to LTTC.
On completion of your course, you will receive a Level 7 Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.
This is endorsed by an OFQUAL approved awarding body, TQUK, at a level of learning equivalent to level 7.


Due to the relative ease in which low-quality Online TEFL companies are issuing certificates it's important to ensure the legitimacy of your course both for yourself and for your employer or local government body to check when issuing a working visa.

Our 120 hour course comes with an endorsement by
TQUK. An independent government institution which will verify the legitimacy of each certificate and the course itself. The 120 hour course is essential if you're working or looking to work in China or other countries (South Korea, Japan, Europe).




Course fees

Payment Plan Fee
Full time / Part-time
1. Course materials
2. Virtual classroom
3. Face to face classes
Single payment £1280
Or 4 times payments £330
Online with Lecturer
1. Course materials
2. Virtual classroom
Single payment £915
Or 4 times payments £238
Online Self Study
1. Course materials 
2. Webinar lessons
Single payment £355
Or 4 times payments £90