Diploma Logistics & Supply Chain
A Program which teaches about the vital role of business logistics and supply chain management,
and its importance to the competitive strategy and revenue generation of a business.



This management area has been described by many names, and relevant activities may include one or more of the following areas: physical distribution, materials management, transportation management, logistics, supply chain management, transportation, inventory, order processing, purchasing, warehousing, materials handling and packaging. The focus of this Program is on the planning, organizing and controlling of these activities - key elements for successful management in any organization. Special emphasis is given to strategic planning and decision-making as an important part of the management process. Managerial efforts are directed towards setting the level of the logistics activities to make products and services available to customers at the time and place, and in the condition and form desired, in a profitable and cost-effective way.

Major Topics:
  • Business Logistics, Supply Chain, Activity Mix, Customer Expectations, Added Value, Objectives.
  • Logistics/Supply Chain (LSC) Strategy, Planning, Costs, Implementing Strategy, Channels.
  • LSC Product, 80-20 Curve, Product Characteristics, Packaging, Pricing, Incentive Prices.
  • LSC Customer Service, Order Cycle Time, Sales Service Relationships, Levels and Constraints.
  • Order Processing, Time and other Factors, Logistics Information Systems, Management Systems.
  • Transport Systems and Decisions, Characteristics, Shipment Agencies, International, Costing.


UK Higher National Diploma(HDN) program entrance requirement:
  1. Applicant must be at least 18 years of age, and
  2. Completed Secondary School, or
  3. Certificate with at least 3 years work experience.
Duration and structure

Course Duration: Minimum 6 – 12 months

Course Module:

  1. 1. Business Logistics / Supply Chain- A Vital Subject
    2. Logistics/ Supply Chain Strategy and Planning
    3. The Logistics/ Supply Chain Product
    4. Logistics/ Supply Chain Customer Service
    5. Order Processing and Information Systems
    6. Transport Fundamentals
    7. Transport Decisions

To gain your Diploma you need to sit and pass an Examination. 
Full and clear details about this are provided to you, including in your Study & Training Guide, after you have enrolled.  The clear information explains when, where and how your Examination will be arranged - it is a simple and straightforward process, which hundreds of thousands of other leaners have successfully gone through.  If you study well and follow the advice in the Study & Training Guide, then you should be able to achieve high marks and good grades, and obtain your prestigious International Diploma!
Course Outcome
Upon Successful Completion Of This Course:
  • Diploma in Logistics, Supply Chain & Transport Management
    Issued by Cambridge International College, United Kingdom.
  • Have attained an accredited qualification equated to the British National framework of :
    Higher National Diploma (HND) and National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Level 4.
  • Have attained an accredited qualification for Supervisory and Managerial levels.
  • Apply for Degree programs.
Course fees

Level 4 endorsed by EALP (Evaluation & Accreditation of Learning Providers)
A Professional Development Programme Accredited Qualification

Includes 12 modules and Final assignments
Course Duration: Minimum 6 – 12 months

Payment Plans Fee per Instalment Effective fee
1 Time payment £380 £380
2 monthly instalments £200 £400


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